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Our research team works in various areas of cyber forensics such as Disk Forensics, Network Forensics, PDA and Smartphone Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, Software Forensics, Peripheral Device Forensics, Steganography and Encryption related technologies. Major activities are
  1. Development of tools for Cyber Forensics
  2. State-of-art training in Cyber Forensics
  3. Technical services like Cyber Crime Analysis, Cyber Crime Investigation, Expert Witness etc
  4. Preserve the evidence
  5. Analyze the evidence
  6. Report the findings
  7. Setting up of Cyber Forensics Labs

Organizations must continuously innovate and transform themselves to stay ahead of competition. Our skilled professionals understand the specific challenges associated with complex forensic examination and are experts in preservation, recovery and examination of digital evidence. Court testimony regarding the examinations performed and the results obtained can be provided to the law enforcement professionals.

The scientific group working on cyber forensics brings together organizations actively engaged in the field of digital evidence to foster communication and cooperation as well as ensuring quality and consistency within the forensic community. The Centre's mandate extends to the emerging scientific discipline of digital forensic sciences/cyber forensics: Law Enforcement, Defence and other Government Agencies.

Developed innovative, high quality forensics tools that are guaranteed to produce professional results which are currently used by various Agencies and Analysis Centres such as CBI, Army Cyber Security Establishment, Military College of Telecommunication Engineering, Intelligence Bureau, Forensics Science Labs, State Police etc. Our tools are reliable, powerful and robust, fulfill the highest demands and makes work easier