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MobileCheck - A total forensic solution for Mobile Phones & Smart Phones
Mobile phones are common place in today’s society, used by many individuals for both personal and professional purposes. The wide variety of usability makes it an inevitable part of one’s day-to-day life. As a result, mobile phones directly or indirectly become an important evidentiary object in most of the criminal investigations.

So it becomes necessary to identify and analyze the digital evidence from such devices. Mobile phone forensics is the science of recovering and analyzing digital evidence from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods.
CDAC’s MobileCheck is a digital forensics solution for acquisition and analysis of Mobile phones, Smart phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) . MobileCheck suports comprehensive analysis and reporting of digital evidence present in mobile phones with its various built -in features.
MobileCheck: Now Available
:: MobileCheck (Imager) Features
Supports more than 12000+ phones of various brands and models
Supports logical and physical acquisition Extracts Device details, Address book, Call log, Social networking information, SMS/MMS, E-mails, Calendar, Tasks, Web browser logs, Bluetooth logs, Event logs, Apps Details, File system etc.
Supports basic phones such as Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson
Extracts Contacts, Call logs, SMS, E-mails, Tasks and other phone related data
Extracts phone file system.
Supports MD5 hashing
Generates acquisition report.
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