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Can evidence be extracted from PDAS and cell phones?

Yes, evidence can be extracted from desktop hard drives, personal computers ( laptops ), PDAs, cell phones, Tapes, DVDs, CDs, digital cameras, and other electronic devices.
Why should we choose you to examine our computer?

We have years of experience in the recovery of computer data, computer forensics, and computer related investigations .We regularly provide expert testimony in state and federal courts concerning computer forensic examinations. We provide training to law enforcement officers (city, county, state, federal, and military) around the country in the investigation computer crimes and computer forensics.
How is Cyber Forensics different from Data Recovery?

Data recovery seeks to restore the missing data so the user can access and use that data again. Cyber forensics seeks to determine and uncover the evidence that verifies or denies a suspicion about a series of events or activities. Recovering deleted files is a large part of cyber forensics but the purpose for restoring that deleted or lost data is completely different from simple data recovery.
what are the main activities of RCCF?

Develop indigenous seizure, acquisition and analysis tools for disk forensics, Develop cutting edge hardware tools for speedy acquisition of all digital storage media Develop state of the art software and hardware tools for network forensics, mobile and new generation device forensics Provide expertise technical support and continuous training to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in combatting cyber crimes.