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Advik CDR Analyzer
Call Data Record analyzer can import and analyze CDR/Tower CDR logs of any service provider in India and generates a comprehensive report of frequency statistics including service provider details and subscriber details (SDR)* of CDR Numbers.

*SDR details will be available when the user uploads SDR to Advik CDR Analyzer Database.
Advik CDR Analyzer: Now Available
:: Features
Seize and Acquire CDR Logs
Support CDR/Tower CDR logs of .xls(x), .csv,.txt, MS Access and .html file formats.
Support to import SDR of .xls(x), .mdb and .txt file formats.
Customisable Preset facility for single click data import.
Search and Manage SDR.*
Call Flow Visualizer.
Customisable Filters.
Advanced Search with Scripting support.
Timeline of Calls.
Frequency Analysis.
Link Analyzer.
Geo- Analyzer.
Add/Remove CDR.
Import Cell-id information from .xls(x) file formats.
Manage Cell-id.
Smart lookup for Service provider details ,STD and ISD Codes.
Manage Service Provider, STD and ISD Codes.
Identify error records and highlight.
Backup/Restore Database.
Suspect List.
IMEI Analysis.
Customisable report with service provider details, subscriber details(SDR)* of CDR Numbers and statistics.
Access CDR/SDR from a dedicated server.
Manage Users and Privileges.
Miscellaneous Performance enhancements