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What are the hazards associated with cell –cameras?

Cell phone cameras can be used to picture illicit and unwanted pictures without the parties concerned. Additionally, once you have an image on your phone you can distribute it and/or upload it to the Internet. Once you do that, it is anybody's guess where that image might end up!
What are the precautions to avoid a cell crime?

  • Never give out identification card to any agencies or parties. Even if so make sure it will not reach the wrong hands.
  • Never photograph a person without his consent.
  • Treat upload photographs on the Internet as shared publically
  • Lock your phone with a security pin.
  • Have a copy of ESN or IMEI number.
Is overhearing a conversation a cell phone crime?

Overhearing is not permitted in India except for law purpose.
What are the incident responses in case of a cell phone crime?

As soon as you know that a crime has been done on you inform the nearest police staion. Lodge a complaint with them and the Hi-Tech Cell , PHQ, Trivandrum. Give in writing to the network provided also.
Which is the agency in Kerala for investigating cyber crimes ?

Hi-Tech Cell, Police HeadQuarters , Trivandrum.
Where should I submit a case for cell crimes?

A complaint should be filed at the local police station. Also a copy of the complaint should be handed over to the Hi-Tech Cell of Kerala Police. The Hi-Tech cell will probe further into the matter.
How can I prevent a stolen phone from being used?

Inform the police at the earliest. The complaint has to be lodged with the Hi-Tech Cell of Kerala Police. The corresponding phone can be blocked from further use by informing all the network operators.
What is subscription fraud?

Usage of fraud or forged documents to purchase a mobile connectivity. The address of the person in the identity will be charged for any
Can the location of an anonymous caller be identified?

Yes, It can be identified. The area on which the caller is operating can be identified with the help of service provider.
What is cyber bullying?

CyberStalking committed by students are called cyberbullying.