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:: SIM Card Reader Features
USB 2.0 compliant
Support for 5V, 3.3V and 1.8 V SIM cards
Supports CDMA/GSM SIM cards
ISO-7816 compatible
PC/SC and CCID compliance
Works with all versions of Windows (Windows XP and above) and GNU/Linux distributions
Forensically Write Blocked Device
Support for firmware upgrades
:: SIM Imager Features
Generates an image file of the SIM card contents
Supports MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 hashing methods
Supports CDMA/GSM SIM cards
Generates hash values for all files individually and SIM card media hash
Seizure report generation facility
Supports any PC/SC compliant SIM readers
Software write blocked
:: SIM Analyzer Features
Analyzes Call logs, Contacts, Messages, and Network related information
Supports analysis of multiple SIM card images simultaneously
Supports both CDMA/GSM SIM cards
Searching facility
Recovers deleted SMS
Facility to generate custom PDF reports