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EmailTracer - EMail Tracing Tool
EmailTracer is a cyber forensics analysis tool, which incorporates graphical features for a Cyber Forensic Investigator to track sender’s identity of anonymous and threatening email easily. Forensic training of email is similar to traditional detective work. EmailTracer can be used to trace any email you have received.

EmailTracer is able to analyze the email header and give the complete details of the sender including IP address, which is the key point to find the culprit. It gives geographical location of the sender and the detailed route traced by the email etc.
EmailTracer has facilities for doing WhoIs Search, NS LookUp and IPTraceBack. It can also be used for retrieving information from mailbox files with extensions .dbx (Outlook Express), .pst (Microsoft Outlook), .mbx (Eudora), .cnm(Pegasus), .imm(IncrediMail), MailDir (Kmail), .tbb (The Bat), .nsm (Netscape Messenger) and .mbox (Mozilla).
EmailTracer: Now Available
:: Features
Trace the originating IP Address and other details from email header
Generates HTML Report of email header analysis
Find the city level details of the sender
Plot Route traced by the mail
Display the originating geographic location of the mail in the world map
WhoIs Search
NS LookUp
Keyword searching facility on email content
Facility to extract and save attachments in native format
Facility to extract embedded mails
More Features