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Win-LiFT Imager - Live Forensics Evidence Acquisition Software
Win-LiFTImager is a USB based tool for First Responders, Investigators and IT Security Professionals to collect volatile data, which will be lost once the computer system is shutdown.

Win-LiFTImager is a Forensic Volatile Data Acquisition tool. It can be used to acquire forensically sound volatile data from a running system to a USB storage.Capture volatile artifacts such as Running Process List, System Information, User Details, Network Information, Loaded Drivers List and Stored Passwords to investigate an incident.
There is a facility to select list of volatile artifacts to be acquired based on the cyber crime under investigation.Acquire full range of system memory. Dump the registry files by a file system level reading.
WinLiFTImager: Now Available
:: Features
Acquisition of Volatile Artifacts
Acquisition of Physical Memory and Registry Files
Plug-in architecture
Acquisition of Event Logs
MD5 Hashing of acquired files
Log and Report generation