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CyberInvestigator - Log Analysis Tool
CyberInvestigator is a tool for network forensics. Network Forensics involves gathering different kinds of logs available in machines, which were compromised in an attack. The analysis involves tracing down the intrusions, usage of network and creating a detailed forensics report.
Network Forensics analysts should analyze various types of logs provided by Operating Systems such as Linux, Unix and Windows. Manual analysis of these logs is very cumbersome and CyberInvestigator provides analysts with the facilities to efficiently analyse and find out different types of attacks and other types of criminal activities.

CyberInvestigator : Now Available
:: Features
Supports Windows logs, Linux logs
Supports analysis of wtmp, utmp, secure, mail, message, cron, access & IIS logs
Investigator friendly user interface
Finds out Successful Login & Login Failures
Finds out the insertion and removal of removable media
Displays software installation & uninstallation details
Provides intrusion analysis