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SIMXtractor - SIM Card Imaging and Analysis Tool
SIMXtractor 2.0 is a forensic solution for imaging and analyzing SIM cards. SIMXtractor suite contains a SIM Card Reader, SIM Imager (Imaging of SIM cards) and SIM Analyzer (Analysis of SIM cards). The tool works with both GSM and CDMA SIM cards
SIM Card Reader
SIM Card Reader is a small USB device. With its new sleek and strong case, it is designed for tough use. Designed from scratch with forensic perspective, no other tool matches this reader. It has PC/SC and CCID compliance that make for its seamless interoperability and use across different platforms, particularly in PC environments. With its short circuit protection feature, it guarantees safe and durable usage all the time.Firmware upgrade utility available with this reader provides secure, fast and easy firmware upgrades. Firmware upgrades make use of AES encryption for better security
SIMXtractor: Now Available
SIM Imager
SIM Imager is a forensic software utility for imaging of SIM cards. It’s well guided user interface reduces the learning curve. SIM imager adheres strictly to forensic procedures. It supports any PC/SC compliant SIM card readers available in market.
SIM Analyzer
SIM Analyzer is a software utility to analyze SIM card images obtained using SIM imager application. With its new investigator friendly and intuitive design, SIM Analyzer speeds up forensic analysis of SIM cards. Instead of organizing data in SIM cards, SIM Analyzer organizes information, which helps investigator to quickly make decisions. Rich set of documentation support, helps investigator to save post analysis documentation time. With smart searching facility, navigation in and around data/information is simpler than ever.
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