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Extract mails from the mailbox files of the following mail clients.
     Outlook Express
     Microsoft Outlook
     The Bat
     Netscape Messenger
Extract Email Header from full mail content.
Display the Mail Attributes for Outlook Express.
Display the Mail Content (HTML / Text) with embedded pictures.
Facility to save the extracted mails as .eml files.
Facility to extract and save the attachment(s) of the mails.
Generate detailed report about the sender of the mail. The report contains
     City and country name of the Sender’s mail server.
     IP address of the sender.
     Message ID of the mail, which will be unique for every mail. 
    Path traced by the mail.
     Sender’s Private IP.
     Mail Id of sender.
     Sender’s Name
     Sender’s Mail Server
     Subject of the mail
Domain name look up.
Display of geographical location of the sender’s gateway on a world map.
Mail server log analysis for evidence collection. Creating report after the analysis.
Access to Database of Country code list along with IP address information.
Able to process mail header from Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
Help on how to extract email header from different mail clients.
Facility for finding the inline message inside a mail to any extent. 
Facility for searching for keywords in the mail. The user can search on the content or header of the mail.
The steps followed to extract Email header from 20 different mail clients is explained inside Email Tracer.
Ability to reload previously analyzed mailboxes.
Online Help for users to work on the software.