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TrueTraveller - A Portable Forensic Field Kit
TrueTraveller is a portable forensic kit that provides a complete solution for performing digital forensics Seizure, Acquisition and Analysis. The kit includes a Laptop installed with all software tools and an integrated disk imaging hardware solution. The kit can be easily carried to crime of site and can carry out on-location forensic investigations.

:: Features
Specially designed portable, rigid, airtight and water-proof casing
Incorporates an integrated hardware tool for seizure & acquisition similar to TrueImager2.0, which is a hardware solution for Seizure & acquisition
The kit contains the hardware tools for evidence disk write protection and SIM Card imaging
The kit includes a laptop installed with the software tools CyberCheck Suite, MobileCheck Suite, NetForce Suite, WinLiFT, CDR Analyzer, SIM Card Analyzer
Provides support for suspect disk with interfaces SATA, IDE, USB, IDE and memory cards
Provides interfacing cables necessary for interfacing components and storage media to the unit
Provides protection for Laptop, Hardware Tools, Software CDs and cables by providing individual permanently fitted carry pouches and trays for each components
Individual storage pouches for drives, tools and cables
Built-in connectivity ports for interfacing different storage media
Specially designed areas of power distribution
The units includes a Printer, Scanner and a Camera
Provides power for laptop and other hardware tools