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TrueImager - Handheld Hardware Seizure and Acquisition Tool
TrueImager is a smart, light weight, portable handheld device for Cyber Forensics Digital Evidence Image acquisition which is exclusively designed for Indian Law Enforcement agencies. It offers high-speed data capture exceeding 3GB/min. Suspect’s data can be captured from IDE, SATA or USB disks.
 TrueImager  supports two modes of capturing: Linux DD and C-DAC’S TrueBack format. In TrueBack format mode the data is copied in the specific format that is supported by the CyberCheck analysis software. The device offers built-in write protection and provides DISK WIPING feature for sanitizing the evidence disks.

:: Features
Data Capturing speed exceeding 5GB/min
User friendly GUI with Graphic LCD and QWERTY keypad
Supports IDE, SATA and USB as suspect media and SATA as destination media
Provides built-in write protection for suspect disks
Supports two modes of Data Capturing: Linux DD and CDAc'S TrueBack format
Supports MD5, SHA1 and SHA2 hashing
Supports formatting of destination disk with forensically tuned NTFS file system
External Power Adapter:100-230V (Input), 12V-8.5 (Output)
Net Weight: 1 Kg
Dimension: 26X14X6.5 cm
Dimensions: 20 x 16 x 8.5 cm Weight 1.5 Kg