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Resource Centre for Cyber Forensics (RCCF) is a pioneering institute, pursuing research activities in the area of Cyber Forensics. The centre was dedicated to the nation by the then Honorable union minister in August 2008.

RCCF was set up with the following objectives:
  1. Developing indigenous Cyber Forensics tools.
  2. Providing training on Cyber Forensics to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs)
  3. Providing technical support to LEAs for cybercrime investigation and analysis.
  4. Supporting LEAs for setting up of Cyber Forensics Laboratories.
RCCF has identified the following thrust research areas:
  1. Disk Forensics
  2. Network Forensics
  3. Mobile Device Forensics
  4. Live Forensics.
  5. Memory Forensics
  6. Multimedia Forensics
  7. Internet Forensics